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CodeModule NameLevelCreditsSemesterContact
DRA205 Performing Shakespeare 5 30 1 Penelope Woods
DRA218 Theatre Writings 5 30 1

Michael McKinnie

DRA220 Making Contemporary Theatre 5 30 1 Shane Boyle
DRA237 Dance Theatre 5 15 2 Martin Welton
DRA242 Group Practical Project 5 30 2 Jen Harvie
DRA245 Action Design 5 30 1 Julian Deering
DRA249 South African Theatre and Performance 5 15 1

Swati Arora (convenor)

-- Contact Caoimhe McAvinchey or Michael McKinnie for further information
DRA261 London Performance Now 5 15 1 or 2

TBC (Semester 1); Swati Arora (convenor, Semester 2)

-- Contact Caoimhe McAvinchey or Michael McKinnie for further information
DRA262 Performing Personae 5 30 2 Julia Bardsley
DRA263 Race and Racism in Performance 5 15 2 Shane Boyle