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Dance Theatre

Level 5 (15 credits)

The history of both modern and post-modern performance practice has been marked by performances which have troubled the distinction between 'dance' and 'theatre'. However, dance and theatre have often been supposed to have radically different aesthetics and to cater to different audiences. This module will consider dance as a theatrical practice, and more specifically, performances and practitioners of 'dance-theatre' - why might we consider them in terms of this hyphenated category? The module will draw on a wide range of international examples, but will also require you to attend contemporary performance in London.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Students should expect to attend two to three live performances at a cost of approximately £45 altogether. Some of these may be booked by the course convenor, depending on availability.

Learning Context Seminar-based
Semester 2
  1. Group Presentation (12-15 minutes), 30%
  2. Essay (2500 words), 70%
Mode of reassessment Standard
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