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Theatre Writings

Level 5 (30 credits)

This module is intended to develop your writing for and about the stage. Each week you will be set creative writing tasks that will help you develop your own skills in writing. Over the semester, you will build up a portfolio of creative pieces and be required to analyse the work of other students. In addition, we will be looking at plays in performance and on the page, and we will practice effective ways of writing about theatre as well as for it.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

There is no advance preparation required for this module.  

Required reading will be included in a module reading pack, free of charge, or be available via the Library as appropriate (though of course students may wish to purchase their own personal copies of assigned play scripts).  

Learning Context Practice-based
Semester 1
  1. Written Exercise (1200 words), 20%
  2. Performance Text (15-20 minutes equivalent), 50%
  3. Portfolio (1800 words), 30%
Mode of reassessment Standard

Michael McKinnie