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Beyond Acting

Level 4 (30 credits)

Acting is perhaps the dominant mode of performance that many audiences routinely expect in the theatre, particularly in an Anglo-American context. However, acting is only one among various ways of performing. Beyond Acting explores what you can carry out on stage by thinking critically about what acting involves, or how it might be questioned, refused, or exceeded. You will study how performance makers since the 1960s have performed onstage (and elsewhere) without the conventions of pretence, impersonation, or character. You will explore new ways of performing plays, scores and other texts, including through physical theatre, live art, experimental theatre, and other forms.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

The core text for 2023-24 is Adebayo, Mojisola and Lynette Goddard (eds), Black British Queer Plays and Practitioners, London: Bloomsbury Methuen, 2022.

There are copies in the library and you will be provided with printouts of relevant sections.

Why take
Beyond Acting

Learning Context Practice-based
Semester Two
  1. Essay 1 (1000 words), 20%
  2. Group Performance Project (10-12 minutes), 60%
  3. Essay 2 (1000 words), 20%
Mode of reassessment Standard