Department of Drama UG Module Directory (2022)


Theatre, Experiment and Revolution

Level 5 (15 credits)

This module introduces students to a range of theatre and performance practices that offer radical challenges to the established theatre of European bourgeois modernity. These theatre practices involve experiments with theatre as an art form, as well as attempts to involve theatre in revolutionary political projects. This historical survey of experimental and revolutionary theatre-making might, in any given year, range from Brecht?s communist education, to avant-garde experimentation in twentieth-century Mexico; from socialist theatre in 1980s Scotland to voguing in New York, via butoh in post-war Japan and minimalist dance; from the formation of a national theatre in twentieth-century Dakar, to the post-migrant theatre of early twenty-first century Turkish Berlin.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Why take Theatre, Experiment and Revolution?

You'll learn about revolutionary action in a range of historical and global situations.

You'll explore different approaches to how theatre might contribute to revolutionary action.

You'll consider both theatre and revolution as experiments in how we might live together better.

Learning Context Seminar-based
Semester 1
  1. Group Presentation (12-15 min), 30%
  2. Essay (2500 words), 70%
Mode of reassessment Standard
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