Department of Drama UG Module Directory (2022)


Culture, Power and Performance

Level 5 (15 credits)

This module examines the power relations of theatre and performance, focusing on how artists engage with the politics of representation and identity formation. The module builds on the introduction to the semiotics and histories of theatre from your first year, while developing your skills in performance analysis and research. Discussions and readings will draw from key academic and political debates, which could include queer theory, post-colonial studies, critical race theory, feminism, disability studies, Marxism, etc. Through study of a wide range of play texts and performance traditions, you will examine how formal and aesthetic innovations in theatre relate to the social and economic conditions from which they emerge.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Full details of what to prepare for the first class will be made available in September. If you'd like to get a head start, you can read the chapter " Art for Art's Sake?" in Lola Olufemi's book Feminism Interrupted (2020)–available in the library.

will be up to one play text and one performance ticket to purchase for this
module. The total cost will be approximately £20.

Why take Culture, Power and Performance?

1. This is a big ideas module, introducing you to key concepts that will be useful for future modules, covering queer theory, disability studies, race and racism, Marxism and more!
2. The module explores the power relations in theatre, considering issues of work, spectatorship and casting
3. You'll study a wide range of performances, from plays and recordings, to documentaries and live performance.

Learning Context Seminar-based
Semester 1
  1. Essay (1500 words), 40%
  2. Essay (2000 words), 60%
Mode of reassessment Standard
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