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Performing Personae

Level 5 (30 credits)

Performing Personae explores a wide spectrum of performing/acting, from the performance of self to the performance of various types of other. It includes investigations into and the creation of personae, alter egos, characters (already existing and newly made), avatars, impersonations, disguises, archetypes, faux celebrities, monikers, for example. We will also look at phenomenas of channelling, possession and mediumship (i.e. being taken over by another). The central questions guiding our investigations are: Who are you when you are performing? and Who are you when you are on stage or in front of an audience? We will work with technical aspects of presence, points of concentration and psychological gesture in order to find practical mechanisms for performing along the identity spectrum.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

There is no compulsory advance preparation for this module, although you might want to start thinking about and identifying your particular research interests around persona , identity and character. 

You will be asked to do some practical preparation work and tasks for the first session of this module. This information will be given two weeks in advance of the module starting.

  • Certain items are provided as part of the module. Students may want to purchase wigs, garments and make up but this is not obligatory. We encourage you to borrow these items where possible.
Learning Context Practice-based
Semester 2
  1. Portfolio (2700 words), 45%
  2. Performance Project (15 minutes), 55%
Mode of reassessment Standard
Contact Julia Bardsley