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Group Practical Project

Level 5 (30 credits)

Group Practical Project exposes you to key academic and practical skills relevant to the study and making of theatre and performance. The module asks you to reflect and act critically and creatively on the kinds of performance outcomes you want to work on. It also asks you, through group practice, to work collaboratively towards developing your specialist expertise. Through practical workshops, writing, documentation and a process of research, group rehearsal and performance, you will consider what theatre and performance studies mean to you as individuals and as a group, and the kinds of creative, critical and practical work that your degree might lead to.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

There is no advance preparation for this module.

Approximate Costs: 

- sometimes, performance tickets totalling approximately £15

- sometimes, return tube travel to Zone 1 for field trips

Learning Context Practice-based
Semester 2
  1. e-Portfolio (2100 words equivalent), 35%
  2. Group Performance Project (15-20 minutes), 65%
Mode of reassessment Standard
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