Performance in the Gallery

Level 6 (30 credits)

This module looks at performance in relation to visual art. It examines what it means to develop performance work within a gallery context and how the 'white cube' functions as different from but related to the 'black box' of the theatre. We will work practically to explore the possibilities of performance art as a form emerging from the histories of the visual arts, and to experiment with form and the potentials of the gallery as a place of performance. The module will address practices such as durational performance and endurance art, action art, performance photography, performance to camera, installation-performance.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

There is no advance preparation for this module.

Costs to include materials for your performance project, although we do try to pay as much of this back as possible through the module budget.

Why take
Performance in the Gallery

  • You will have the chance to embark on a solo or collaborative project, and can take the form of performance, installation, video, photography, and more.
  • You will work in interdisciplinary ways, exploring performance and the visual arts. The module will introduce you to ways of working through performance art practices that emerge out of the visual arts, rather than theatre.
  • You will be taught by a well known artist who works within this context.
Learning Context Practice-based
Semester Two
  1. Performance Project Proposal (2000 words), {30%}
  2. Performance Project, {70%}
Mode of reassessment Standard