London Performance Now

Level 5 (15 credits)

London is one of Europe's most exciting theatrical cities with a range of productions on offer at any given time. This module will examine a range of live productions to explore strategies for reading live performance that recognize the importance of where performances take place. As a group we will visit the National Theatre, the Barbican, and the Royal Court as well as 'fringe' or alternative venues in examining how we read the performance event. You will be expected to engage with critical reviews of performances, examine the role of press and marketing and explore the targeting of specific productions to particular audience groups. Tickets costs totalling approximately £50 are associated with this module, all shows are mandatory and necessary to participate in the module.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

You will need to purchase theatre tickets totalling between £40 and £50 for this module. The remaining ticket costs will be covered by the School of English and Drama. All shows for this module are mandatory – you will be provided with a list of shows to book before term begins.

Why take
London Performance Now

  • London has a rich history of theatre and performance which is constantly evolving.
  • This module gives students the opportunity to experience a curated selection of the many types of cultural event available in the city.
  • Students will learn to think about performance from a number of different angles, considering not just the immediate experience of it but also the cultural institutions which enable and contextualise it.
Learning Context Seminar-based
Semester One or Two
  1. Written Exercise (1000 words), 30%
  2. Essay (2500 words), 70%
Mode of reassessment Standard