Verbatim, Testimonial and Tribunal

Level 6 (30 credits)

This module explores the traditions and practices of verbatim, testimonial, documentary and tribunal forms of theatre. Raising complex issues such as what it means to 'have a voice' in theatre, notions of authenticity and realness, and of representation and rights, it explores the shaping and framing of material from various sources, including interviews, media, archives and documents.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

You may want to prepare by doing some advance reading for this module. 

Two highly recommended books are Verbatim Verbatim (Oberon, 2008), and Amanda Stuart Fisher's Performing the Testimonial (MUP, 2020).

You may be asked to attend a play or performance for this module. If so, efforts will be made to recommend a piece that is affordable or free. However, please be ready to spend up to £25 if necessary. 

Why take
Verbatim, Testimonial and Tribunal

Learning Context Practice-based
Semester One
  1. Group Presentation (12-15 min), {20%}
  2. Group Performance Project (15-20 min), {60%}
  3. Written Exercise (1500 words), {20 %}
Mode of reassessment Standard