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Global Graphic Narratives

Level 6 (15 credits)

Over the last twenty years the graphic narrative has grown into a global form. From Japanese Manga to Iranian webcomix, graphic narratives are now as varied as prose and as widely produced. This module will investigate how writers and illustrators from regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, and South and East Asia are altering and adapting the medium to speak to new contexts, for alternative aesthetic and political purposes. Covering comics, cartoons, and graphic novels from around the globe it invites students to explore the different ways in which the graphic form is used to mediate global politics, articulate marginal subject positions and synthesize regional cultural histories.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Learning Context Long Seminar
Semester 1

1. Seminar Presentation (5-7 minutes), 25%
2. Essay (3,000 words), 75%

Mode of reassessment Standard
Contact Charlotta Salmi