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After Postcolonialism

Level 6 (15 credits)

This module will extend the field of postcolonial literatures in two ways. It will offer a more contemporary focus (including, for example, the war on terror; Islamphobia etc), taking into account regions which are not strictly postcolonial (e.g., China, the US). It will also extend the conceptual remit of postcolonial by looking at other ways of periodizing the present. It may be of particular interest to students embarking on dissertations with a postcolonial theme, although there is no commitment to do so if this module is taken.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Learning Context Lecture + Seminar
Semester 2

1. Student Log 1 (1,000 words), 20%
2. Student Log 2 (1,000 words), 20%
3. Essay (2,000 words), 60%

Mode of reassessment Standard
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