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Reading Psychoanalysis, Reading Literature

Level 6 (30 credits)

This module will introduce students to psychoanalytic ideas and to psychoanalytically informed ways of reading and interpreting texts. Students should not worry if they have read no psychoanalysis before. We will spend a large part of the first weeks on Freud. Other psychoanalytic thinkers to be read might include: CJ Jung, Donald Winnicott, Melanie Klein and Frantz Fanon. We will then proceed to a series readings of literary works which either were in dialogue historically, or seem to offer the potential for dialogue, with psychoanalysis.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

Approximate costs:
  • Primary texts costing up to £60 (across the two semesters) if purchased new in recommended editions.  

    Note that these costs can often be reduced by purchasing items second-hand or borrowing them from the Library.

Learning Context Long Seminar
Semester 1 and 2

1. Short Writing Exercise (1,500 words), 20%
2. Essay 1 (2,000 words), 30%
3. Essay 2 (3,000 words), 50%

Mode of reassessment Standard
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