Introduction to the Module

1. Introduction to the Module

This module is designed to give postgraduate and early career researchers a practical overview of effective information literacy skills practices essential to the research process. The aim is to encourage researchers to embed best practice within their work from the earliest opportunity.

The module is divided into sections, which you can complete at your own pace.  Quizzes at the end of each section are accessible to QM members after they enrol themselves on the course.  Postgraduate research students are expected to complete quizzes to receive skills points. 

There are no prerequisites for taking this course but you will need earphones/headphones for audiovisual files.  You can provide us with your feedback on completion of the module.  This module is accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world; however, guests cannot access quizzes.  Below are some thinking points before you start:

  • How would you define information literacy skills?
  • How do you think acquiring these skills will contribute to the quality and progress of your research?