4. Course Description

You will be at a GP practice for a full day (Tuesday)  on 6 occasions during the year alternating with your year 2 MedSoc placement;  you will be in a group of 4 students.

A timtable for an EPC day might look like this:

    • 10.00  - students arrive at clinic and are rostered to sit in with different clinicians
    • 11.00  - Tutorial with GP tutor covering the conditions students will be focussing on that day and including plan for the day
    • 12.30   - meet patients with relevant conditions either at home or in health centre
    • 13.30  - lunch
    • 14.00 – debrief with GP on meeting with patients, practice history taking or relevant clinical skills.  Tutorial on relevant conditions – may include student presentations on topics with feedback from tutor.  Meet other health-care professionals working with patients e.g. midwife on Human Development day.
    • 16.30  - Students leave