5. Student Assessment

5.2. End of placement assessments for EPC

Please complete an assessment form for each student and return this with their professionalism assessment form by Friday May 2nd 2014. Please discuss your assessment with them on the last day, students find it very valuable to get timely feedback and to have the opportunity to discuss their progress with you. Guidance is provided for the completion of the assessment form. If you have serious concerns about a student for any reasons please let us know as soon as possible so we can take action before the end of the year.


The EPC mark is worth 6% of the ‘in course assessment paper” (ICA), other elements of the ICA include PBL attendance and write-ups, end of unit exams, and the MedSoc 2 mark. Students must get 50% overall in their ICA in order to be allowed to sit the summer exams.


Extending Patient Contact Unit Marking Guide



Pass (8-10)

Pass (5-7)           

Referred (≤ 4)



Knowledge at or above expected for a second year student. Applies scientific knowledge well to clinical care. 

Knowledge level satisfactory, beginning to apply scientific knowledge to clinical scenarios

Knowledge level unsatisfactory, ill-prepared for sessions, poor linkage of scientific knowledge in clinical situations.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication with patients, staff and student colleagues.

Developing communication skills, improvement seen during the year, becoming more confident and skilled in communication in group, with patient and with practice staff.

Communication skills unsatisfactory

Clinical Skills

Competent in performing basic clinical skills e.g. blood pressure, HR, resp. rate, urinalysis, BMI measurement with minimal supervision. Good underpinning knowledge

Understands principles of routine clinical skills, able to perform skills but not yet fluent.

Underpinning knowledge and ability to perform basic clinical skills inadequate.


Reflective write-up

Demonstrated insight into patient feelings, own emotional response, context.  Able to stand back from the situation, perhaps looking from different points in time.

Satisfactory account of patient encounter, some insight into patient feelings, own emotional responses

Encounter with patient described but not explored. No insight into patient feelings or own role demonstrated.


Global professionalism and attitude

Excellent attitude and approach, very good timekeeping, well prepared for each session               

No problems with attitude or behaviour.

Unsatisfactory behaviour in at least one professional domain, e.g persistent lateness, absenteeism without explanation, poor behaviour with patients





Student Assessment Form – Extending Patient Contact


Overall assessment – Please grade the student’s overall performance taking into account the above attributes. Referred means scoring 20 or less and that the overall performance of the student has raised concerns. Referred students will be seen by their Academic Year Tutor.


Lead GP Tutor:

Names (and positions) of other Teachers who contributed to the assessment:

Please mark the following attributes out of 10 (4 or below is a fail grade)


Student Name:






Mark out of 10

Free text comments






Communication Skills





Clinical skills




Reflective write-up




Attitude and professionalism