Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the assessment forms?

These are under the assessment section on the GP Assistantship section of QMPlus here

Is the Patient Case and Reflection Task marked centrally like previous SSCs?

No. The Patient Case and Reflection Task is marked by the GP Tutor. A discussion between the Student and the Tutor about the Professional Principles outlined in the case also contributes to the overall grade. 

Are the Mini-CEXs marked?

Yes. They are marked by the GP Tutor however the marks are not uploaded onto the central online system. You are expected to complete two Mini-CEXs during the placement; one during Week 1, and one before Week 8 (or one Mini-CEX per placement if you are doing a split placement). 

Can I see patients on my own?

Yes, indeed this is expected. You should be able to see and manage a lot of the problems that present in a safe and supervised manner. You should always check the management with your supervising GP before the patient leaves. The GP Tutor remains clinically responsible for the patient so will decide how independently you can work safely. You are not able to legally issue prescriptions but can either write 'shadow' prescriptions, or prepare a prescription for a qualified doctor to sign. 

Can I take time off for other activities?

Time off is subject to the normal College Policies. This includes attendance at Academic Conferences, religious requirements, and other special leave requests. These policies are available from QMPlus and the Student Office. CBME will inform GP Tutors about the few exceptional days that you may have to miss due to central exams (e.g. SJT, PSA).

Who should I inform when unwell?

In no circumstances should you attend if unwell, and if they you symptoms of COVID-19 you must arrange a test and isolate according to the guidance current at the time. Please see the Student Learning Agreement for more information.

Make sure you know how to contact key people at your Practice out of normal opening hours if needed. Either ask for the mobile numbers for your GP tutor or the Practice Manager, or the 'bypass' number for the Practice. If you are ill you are expected you are expected to inform the practice ASAP and keep them informed of how long  you are likely to be away. You will also need to follow the usual process of keeping the Student Office informed through Tom Schindler at

Should you sustain a needle stick injury whilst on placement in the Community, you are advised to access emergency treatment via local services. If there are no clear guidelines then you should attend your nearest A&E as soon as possible for assessment and treatment. Please also contact the CBME Admin Team urgently, who will direct you to Occupational Medicine at Mile End for follow up.

Where are the plenary days held? Is there a time table?

The 'Intro Day' and the 'Closing Day' will be held virtually, online. You will be sent links on QM Plus so that you are able to attend these. Timetables for these days are shared on QMPlus. 

The virtual 'Intro Day' will provide an orientation to GP placements run by Dr Cooke and Dr Sood and should finish by 4pm.

The 'Closing Day' begins with an Ethics Lecture at 10am, followed by workshops and a Mock OSCE in the afternoon. The day usually ends by 4.30pm. 

What are the details for the Online Core Cases?

You will complete 4 clinical scenarios every two weeks over the 9-week placement in order to catch up on specialties missed in Year 4 and with applied ethics and professionalism from Year 5. Every two weeks you will have a virtual group tutorial with your central GP tutor to discuss the issues around the case. There will also be a discussion forum for the tutorial group where you can post comments which will be facilitated by the central GP tutor.