Fitness to practise

·       Demonstrating the attitudes and behaviours expected of a good doctor

·       Managing the factors that influence performance

Maintaining an ethical approach

·       Treating others fairly and with respect and acting without discrimination

·       Providing care with compassion and kindness

Communication and consultation

·       Establishing an effective partnership with patients

·       Maintaining a continuing relationship with patients, carers and families



Maintaining a Holistic Approach

  • Understand the effect of illness on the community.
  • Demonstrate the importance of the family as well as the cultural, socio-economic, and psychological background on the management of patients and how they present in General Practice.
  • Engage in the care of patients within the Practice.
  • Appreciate that uncertainty exists in Primary Care, and consider how to minimise the risk to Patients, Carers, and the Doctor.


  • Demonstrate Professional Behaviour when undertaking independent tasks.
  • Value and practise good Communication Skills.
  • Analyse the nature of the Doctor-Patient relationship, and how this relationship is used whilst interacting with patients.
  • Appreciate how the Doctor's own views, feelings, and life experiences can influence patient care, and consider how this should be managed.
  • Demonstrate the importance of making decisions in Partnership with colleagues and patients.