5. Preparing for placement - Student and Tutor guidance

5.2. Tutor checklist


Tick when completed 

Before placement starts 


Access to QMUL Teams – you will be added to your MedSoc Team; log in and post an introductory message (and/or send an email) for your students to advise them of arrangements for day 1. 


Access to Virtual Primary Care (VPC) - you will be sent an email inviting you to register for a VPC account; log in prior to the placement starting and check you can see the MedSoc playlists. 



Find the MedSoc 2021-22 course guide on the CBME tutor site  - please ensure you are using this year’s guide. 



Ensure you are confident in how to use key functions of QMUL Teams – including posting messages, starting/joining meetings and inviting patients/professionals to join meetings. 

This is key to delivering the virtual MedSoc placement – if you need any additional support with this, we can provide bespoke technical support and troubleshooting – personalised help to connect you, students, and patients online – available on request (contact  Francesca Langridge f.langridge@qmul.ac.uk) 




Attend MedSoc induction training (online) Thursday 16th September 2-4pm  



Complete e-Learning for Healthcare – Freedom to Speak Up  (You will need to set up an account). 

We all find it difficult to speak up when we experience something that concerns us. This is especially true for learners. To create safe ‘SPEAKING UP’ culture and help students develop valuable skills the medical school would like all clinical supervisors to complete the short ‘LISTEN UP’ online module. 



On Day 1 


Share student learning agreement with students.  

Collect signed student learning agreement (SLA) from students, countersign and return copies to students 


Agree group ground rules, routes for contact (Teams, email, WhatsApp etc) and reporting absences. 



Prior to any onsite attendance 


Complete GP Practice Placement Risk Reduction Checklist, Safe supervision & Low Risk Task List 


If you have any queries, or difficulty in accessing any specific resources, please contact the module administrator/convenors using the MedSoc Tutor Team or via email.