7. Assessment

Student Assessment


There are three components to the student assessment for Medicine in Society:


  • Reflective pieces (2)
  • Health promotion poster 

At the end of the year your tutor will be asked to submit your attendance record, a numerical mark for the reflective pieces and a numerical mark for your poster.



Student attendance is recorded at each placement. Tutors must inform us at the time of any non-attendance.

Any student unable to attend must submit a self certificate form to the University. (Available on QMPlus)

Please click here for link to the self certificate form.

There may be occasions during the year when students have an in-course assessment exam on the Friday after a MedSoc day; these exams contribute only in a relatively small way to the students’ end of year marks. Students must attend their placement as usual. If tutors have any concerns about a student’s attendance, behaviour, health etc. they should contact the unit convenor as soon as possible.