Coronavirus and the School of English and Drama

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Email from Head of School to All Students -- 16 March 2020

Dear student studying in the School of English and Drama,


I hope you’re ok at this very uncertain time.


Thanks for all the questions and queries you’ve collectively sent in response to our shift from face-to-face to online teaching and support. To help with your preparations for online teaching and assessment, and to answer other questions you may have, we’ve put together a list of FAQs, available here. Please take some time to read them through.


I appreciate some of you have concerns caused by our shift to online teaching and support. We took this decision in order to address multiple concerns about student and staff wellbeing, and to ensure a parity of experience for all students, including those who have been forced to absent themselves from class and/or return home due to the current pandemic. Our joint honours partner Schools have made similar decisions, replacing face-to-face teaching with online teaching: the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film has cancelled all face-to-face teaching from Monday 16 March and the School of History has cancelled all face-to-face teaching from Tuesday 17 March. Our decision is supported by the Principal of Queen Mary, Professor Colin Bailey. 


Please email if you have any questions not covered by the FAQs.


Please look after yourselves.


Take care,