Topic outline

  • General

  • Overview

    Eugene Sandow flexing his bicepYou will find below a module outline which provides an overview of the module, including its aims, learning outcomes and how it is assessed. Here there is also a link to the on-line reading list which provides week-by-week guidelines regarding essential and recommended reading and viewing. The PDFs folder contains all the essential reading that is not found in the module textbook.

  • Assignment 1 Sound in Sunrise

    Still from the film SunriseThis section contains material relating to the essay on the use of sound in Sunrise.

  • Assignment 2 Classical Hollywood cinema

    This section contains material relating to the essay on classical Hollywood cinema.

  • Assignment 3 Mise-en-scene blog entry

    Still from Citizen KaneThis section contains material relating to the mise-en-scene  assignment

  • Assignment 4: QM Model elements

    This section contains information about the assessments that relate to the QM Model component of FLM4200 History and Concepts. You can read more about the QM Model here.

  • Assignment 5 Case study: border films and Lone Star

    Still from Lone StarThis section contains the assignment brief related to the case study of Lone Star and the assignment related to this film. For resources related to this case study please see the online reading list.