Topic outline

    • Checklist for MO and DMO

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    • General Information

      Welcome to the Quantum Mechanics and Symmetry (SPA-6325) Home Page

      Course Organizer:  Prof. Steve Thomas

      Deputy Course Organizer: Dr C White

      Marker/Demonstrators:  Enrico Andriolo  GOJ 602

    • Aims and Learning Outcomes

    • Syllabus

      • Mathematical introduction: groups, vector spaces and Hilbert spaces
      • Dirac's notation, linear operators, projectors, self-adjoint and unitary operators. The postulates of quantum mechanics and some of their consequences
      • Illustration of linear algebraic methods in simple quantum mechanical systems; concept of semi-classical  states
      • Symmetries in quantum mechanics; parity, time reversal, space and time translations; conservation laws.
      • Representation of the rotation group in quantum mechanics: infinitesimal and finite rotations, orbital and spin angular momemntum
      • Approximate methods: time-independent perturbation theory
      • Multiparticle systems

        Lectures:   Monday:   15.00-17.00   GOJ  PLT

                             Tuesday : 12.00-13.00   Banc. 3.26

      • Lecture Notes

        A compact set of printed notes from previous years will be made available here as the course progresses. Each week I will also post copies of my white board lecture notes. My white board notes  expand on and, in several areas,  go beyond the topics discussed in the printed notes.

      • Marked Homework Deadlines

        Homework Problem sets that are to be marked (weeks 2,4,6,and 8)  must be handed in by 4.00pm on Tuesdays

        • Reading Week

          No Lectures or Exercise Classes will be scheduled during this week.

          • Marking Scheme

            Assessment for this course is based on a 20% contribution from the 4 marked homework problem sets and 80% from the final examination in Semester 3.


              Please check below to find out which exercise class group you have been assigned.

              Group A :  Thursday  11am - 12am Queens Building LG3

              Group B : Thursday 12am - 1pm   Queens Building LG6

              Note that not every week has an exercise class been scheduled.

               Exercise Classes begin in Week 1

            • Homework

              Homework problem sheets will be posted on this page. Solutions will eventually be made available from here.

              Please note:  There are 9 Homework Problem sheets in total  BUT ONLY WEEKS 2, 4, and 6 need to be handed in  and marked.    These count as a maximum of 20 % towards the final Course Mark. 
              The non-marked homework problems  are there as part of your learning process and you are strongly encouraged to attempt them. 
            • Past Exam Papers and Solutions

            • Text Books

              You may find the  following text books are useful for this course. The book by Sakurai is particularly recommended.


              • Quantum Mechanics    B. H. Bransden & C. J. Joachain :  Prentice-Hall (2nd Edition)                                                                                                                                                        
              • Modern Quantum Mechanics     J. J. Sakurai :  Addison-Wesley (Revised Edition)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
              • Online Lectures