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  • Assessment Information

    Introduction to Algebra has two kinds of assessment:

    • Those not worth marks and provided to support your learning: extra problems, quizzes, etc.
    • Those worth marks: 25% of your total mark for this module will be awarded for coursework, and 75% for the exam. 

    All of these are described below.

    Introduction to Algebra follows the general policies of the School of Maths regarding extenuating circumstances claims and students who get special accommodations from DDS. Refer to the Student Handbook. The module does not use Turnitin.

    • QMplus Quizzes

      The QMPlus quizzes linked in the sections for each week's content provide you immediate feedback on your answers and are meant for consolidation and/or revision after you have worked through each week's lectures and notes. They do not count towards your module mark and are provided to support your learning.

      For a few computational topics for which it's harder to get a QMPlus quiz to generate random questions, I have also included links to simple webpages to generate more.

      • Extra questions

      • Coursework Assignments

      • Final exam

        Format of the final exam

        The exact format of the final exam is not yet decided; it depends on how Covid-19 restrictions evolve. However, the most likely format is a QMPlus quiz, similar to those used for first-year modules in the January exam period.

        In an ordinary year, the exam for this module has several questions like "write down the definition of X" or "write down the proof of Theorem Y". Because you will have access to your notes during the exam, it will not feature straight bookwork questions like these. Instead I will examine definitions and theorems in other ways, e.g. "which of the above is equivalent to X?" "which of the above would contradict Y?" Or I may give you two re-worded definitions, but one of them will be inaccurate, and I'll ask you to say which one, and why. Overall the exam will require more thought and the ability to use your knowledge.

        Past papers

        The 2020 exam was a QMPlus quiz, but the course of lectures was interrupted by industrial action so not all topics were examinable.

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