• Tip #1  -  Adding closed captions to videos 


      Once a video is uploaded in QMplus Media, automated captions can be requested (which are typically 70-80% accurate) and then can be edited so that they are entirely accurate. Staff members are advised to add closed-captions to their videos whenever possible to improve the accessibility of them.   

      To learn how to add closed captions to your videos please visit our user guide.


      • Tip #2  -  Using the gesture control on the Q-Review indicator lights to pause and resume recording.

        Presenters can pause and resume Q-Review recordings whenever there is content which they wish to omit.  To find out how, using gesture control on the indicator light, take a look at the video below or the online guide.



        • Tip #3 - Turn off the Activity Chooser in User Preferences to get 2x menus (to speed up adding activities and resources)

          The activity chooser is a user-friendly display of all of the activities and resources which one can select from, to add content to your QMplus pages:

          Activity Chooser screenshot

          Should one prefer, it is possible to deactivate the Activity Chooser so that there is a drop-down menu for both activity and resource options, reducing the number of clicks and amount of scrolling required for a user to add activities and resources.

          Screenshot of Activity and Resource drop down menus

          To disable the Activity Chooser, follow the steps below: 

               -  In the dashboard, click on 'preferences' underneath your name (top left of the screen) 

               -  In the 'user account' options, select 'course preferences' 

               -  Unselect the check box next to 'enable activity chooser' and click 'Save Changes'.
          • Tip #4  -  Adding a highlight to a topic so that students know which content is the most current

            Users with editing access can select which topic in a QMplus course area is current by following the steps below: 

                 -  Turn editing on Navigate to the topic which one wishes to highlight 
                 -  Click 'Edit' and select the radius button next to Highlight

            Screenshot of the Highlight radius button

            Once selected, the highlighted topic will appear blue, like how is shown here: 

            Screenshot of highlighted topic in QMplus

            • Tip #5  -  Converting file types into more accessible formats

              Sensus Access allows staff and students to convert files from the current format into a range of alternate media so that they are more accessible and can be done in a number of languages.

              The source can be: a file, URL or text and the converted file can be: MP3 audio, DAISY, Braille, E-Book or an accessibility conversion file. Once processed, the converted file will be emailed to you.

              Image of multiple flags

              The link to convert files can be found in the QMplus footer or can be accessed directly via the DDS Sensus Access webpage.

              • Tip #6  -  Record video on the go and publish it to your My Media gallery in QMplus

                Download the Kaltura Go App on your mobile phone and sign in following the steps shown in this help guide and any content recorded can be published to your collection of videos in QMplus Media, ready for you to publish in QMplus course areas.

                Kaltura MediaSpace Go icon

                • Tip #7  -  Adding an accessibility block to your QMplus course area

                  The accessibility block allows users to customise QMplus pages to meet their accessibility requirements. Once added, the block allows users to change the colour scheme, font size and enable an Accessibility Toolbar - which provides text-to-speech functions and dictionary searches, amongst other features.

                  The block can be added by turning editing on, then selecting the 'Accessibility Block' from the 'Add a Block' drop down menu. The block will then appear to the right of the screen.

                  Accessibility Block

                  • Tip #8  -  Adding presentation slides to Q-Review recordings


                    Adding presentation slides to your Q-Review recordings ensures students have access to all the lecture content if the PowerPoint element was not initially recorded.  
                    Adding presentation slides also allows the academic to add material which the students can click through at their own pace, embedded in the recording, as the video is reviewed.

                    Presentation material can also be added before the lecture has taken place, so that students can familiarise themselves with it.
                    To add presentation material, click on the Q-Review link in the QMplus course area and then click on the blue + icon to the right of the Q-Review lesson which you wish to add content to.
                    • Tip #9  -  Keep track of your students via the Completion Progress Block

                      The completion progress block provides a time management tool for you and your students. For students, it allows them to see what progress they are making in their module, which activities they have completed, which are outstanding and which have they missed. For teachers, it allows you to get a quick overview of how students are engaging with the activities and resources in your course area and identify who might be falling behind…or forging ahead! 

                      Completion Progress Block - screenshot

                      To see how to set this up on your page, take a look at the Completion Progress Block help guide.

                      • Tip #10  -  Run webinars or a virtual office hour using Blackboard Collaborate!

                        Blackboard Collaborate is incredibly simple to use and can be found in QMplus (via the activity chooser). It allows users the ability to create sessions which they can upload their presentation material to in advance, can be recorded, use break out rooms, control what participants can/can't do via settings, plus much more!
                        Blackboard Collaborate in QMplus
                        Take a look at our Blackboard Collaborate guidance material to see how you can set it up quickly and easily.

                        • Tip #11 - Give feedback speedily, as audio, to your students

                          It is possible to give audio feedback on assignments and doing so can prove to be quick and easy. Mark Glynn from Dublin City University has created a quick screencast to show how audio feedback can be given. Click on the image below to take a look:

                          Audio feedback in Grading view

                          • Tip #12  -  Adding polling questions using Q-Review

                            Q-Review can be used to increase class engagement by uploading presentations and embedding polling questions within it. To add polling questions, one must have first added presentation slides (via the blue + icon).

                            Once added, one can add questions via the 'add activity' button, as shown below: 

                            Echo360 polling screenshot (add activity)

                            More information on polling in Q-Review can be found in this help guide.