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Here we will list answers to questions received via email or chat if they are likely to be of general interest. The first few questions are standard ones we receive every year, to check about questions specific for this year's project, please scroll down.

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Additional Exercises File Practice exercise sheet #1: BASIC CODES


Exercise 1: Mailing Address 
Exercise 2: Hello 
Exercise 3: Area of a Room 
Exercise 4: Area of a Field 
Exercise 5: Bottle Deposits 
Exercise 6: Tax and Tip 
Exercise 7: Sum of the First n  Positive Integers 
Exercise 8: Widgets and Gizmos 
Exercise 9: Compound Interest
Exercise 10: Arithmetic
Exercise 11: Fuel Efficiency 
Exercise 12: Distance Between Two Points on Earth 
Exercise 13: Making Change 
Exercise 14: Height Units 
Exercise 15: Distance Units 
Exercise 16: Area and Volume
Exercise 17: Heat Capacity 
Exercise 18: Volume of a Cylinder
Exercise 19: Free Fall
Exercise 20: Ideal Gas Law
Exercise 21: Area of a Triangle 
Exercise 22: Area of a Triangle (Again) 
Exercise 23: Area of a Regular Polygon 
Exercise 24: Units of Time
Exercise 25: Units of Time (Again) 
Exercise 26: Current Time
Exercise 27: Body Mass Index
Exercise 28: Wind Chill 
Exercise 29: Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kelvin 
Exercise 30: Units of Pressure 
Exercise 31: Sum of the Digits in an Integer
Exercise 32: Sort 3 Integers 
Exercise 33: Day Old Bread 

File BASIC CODES: some solutions

File Practice exercise sheet: CONDITIONAL (IF) STATEMENTS


Exercise 34: Even or Odd? 
Exercise 35: Dog Years
Exercise 36: Vowel or Consonant
Exercise 37: Name that Shape 
Exercise 38: Month Name to Number of Days
Exercise 39: Sound Levels 
Exercise 40: Name that Triangle
Exercise 41: Note To Frequency 
Exercise 42: Frequency To Note 
Exercise 43: Faces on Money 
Exercise 44: Date to Holiday Name 
Exercise 45: What Color is that Square? 
Exercise 46: Season from Month and Day
Exercise 47: Birth Date to Astrological Sign 
Exercise 48: Chinese Zodiac 
Exercise 49: Richter Scale 
Exercise 50: Roots of a Quadratic Function 
Exercise 51: Letter Grade to Grade Points 
Exercise 52: Grade Points to Letter Grade 
Exercise 53: Assessing Employees 
Exercise 54: Wavelengths of Visible Light 
Exercise 55: Frequency to Name 
Exercise 56: Cell Phone Bill 
Exercise 57: Is it a Leap Year? 
Exercise 58: Next Day 
Exercise 59: Is a License Plate Valid?
Exercise 60: Roulette Payouts 

File CONDITIONAL (IF) STATEMENTS: some solutions

File Practice exercise sheet: LOOPS


Exercise 61: Average 
Exercise 62: Discount Table 
Exercise 63: Temperature Conversion Table 
Exercise 64: No More Pennies 
Exercise 65: Compute the Perimeter of a Polygon 
Exercise 66: Compute a Grade Point Average
Exercise 67: Admission Price
Exercise 68: Parity Bits
Exercise 69: Approximate  
Exercise 70: Caesar Cipher
Exercise 71: Square Root
Exercise 72: Is a String a Palindrome? 
Exercise 73: Multiple Word Palindromes
Exercise 74: Multiplication Table 
Exercise 75: Greatest Common Divisor 
Exercise 76: Prime Factors 
Exercise 77: Binary to Decimal 
Exercise 78: Decimal to Binary 
Exercise 79: Maximum Integer 
Exercise 80: Coin Flip Simulation 

File LOOPS: some solutions

File Practice exercise sheet: FUNCTIONS


Exercise 81: Compute the Hypotenuse 
Exercise 82: Taxi Fare 
Exercise 83: Shipping Calculator 
Exercise 84: Median of Three Values 
Exercise 85: Convert an Integer to its Ordinal Number 
Exercise 86: The Twelve Days of Christmas 
Exercise 87: Center a String in the Terminal 
Exercise 88: Is it a Valid Triangle? 
Exercise 89: Capitalize It 
Exercise 90: Does a String Represent an Integer? 
Exercise 91: Operator Precedence
Exercise 92: Is a Number Prime?
Exercise 93: Next Prime 
Exercise 94: Random Password 
Exercise 95: Random License Plate 
Exercise 96: Check a Password 
Exercise 97: Random Good Password
Exercise 98: Hexadecimal and Decimal Digits 
Exercise 99: Arbitrary Base Conversions
Exercise 100: Days in a Month 
Exercise 101: Reduce a Fraction to Lowest Terms 
Exercise 102: Reduce Measures 
Exercise 103: Magic Dates 

File FUNCTIONS: some solutions

File Practice exercise sheet: LISTS


Exercise 104: Sorted Order
Exercise 105: Reverse Order 
Exercise 106: Remove Outliers
Exercise 107: Avoiding Duplicates 
Exercise 108: Negatives, Zeros and Positives 
Exercise 109: List of Proper Divisors 
Exercise 110: Perfect Numbers 
Exercise 111: Only the Words 
Exercise 112: Below and Above Average
Exercise 113: Formatting a List 
Exercise 114: Random Lottery Numbers 
Exercise 115: Pig Latin 
Exercise 116: Pig Latin Improved 
Exercise 117: Line of Best Fit 
Exercise 118: Shuffl ing a Deck of Cards
Exercise 119: Dealing Hands of Cards 
Exercise 120: Is a List already in Sorted Order?
Exercise 121: Count the Elements 
Exercise 122: Tokenizing a String 
Exercise 123: Infix to Postfix
Exercise 124: Evaluate Postfix 
Exercise 125: Does a List contain a Sublist? 
Exercise 126: Generate All Sublists of a List 
Exercise 127: The Sieve of Eratosthenes 

File LISTS: some solutions

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