Welcome to BRAIDE!

BRAIDE is a collaborative student-teacher partnership project, working alongside the Student Welfare Team and the E-Learning Unit to support students’ learning about diversity issues in healthcare and raise staff awareness on diversity issues in the student body.


  • To create a shared interactive e-learning resource for students and teachers to explore, share, learn and discuss diversity issues in healthcare.

  • To create a culture of collaboration and encourage learning with and from students in developing curriculum on diversity education. Thereby, facilitating meaningful engagement and involvement of students in curriculum development, design and evaluation.

  • To work collaboratively with the Student Welfare Team to understand the experiences and challenges of students with protected characteristics.

How to use BRAIDE

BRAIDE is a multifunctional resource that integrates and supports the teaching of:

  • Clinical Communication Skills across all five years in the medical curriculum.
  • Clinical Skills across all five years in the medical curriculum.
  • Student Selected Component (SSC) in diversity for year one medical students


  • Inclusivity