Welcome to EMS619U. 

This module is planned to allow you to use your earlier learning on biomaterials in modules EMS430U, EMS519U on biomechanics in EMS etc to consider how to design a Biomedical Implant. The teaching is split between Prof Liz Tanner and  Dr Raza Shah, Prof Tanner will concentrate on biomaterials, biomechanics and their application in medical devices, while Dr Shah will concentrate on the design process and device approval. 

The marking is split 50:50 between coursework and an exam in April/May. The coursework starts with each of you undertaking a review of how fractures heal and how we treat fractures to optimise the healing process. This includes considering the (physiological) age and activity levels of typical patients and how these affect the healing process and hence treatment regimes. Once this report is submitted you will be split into Teams (Groups) and be allocated a patient typical of a cohort of similar patients. The aim of each group will be to design a new implant to treat their cohort of patients. This report will be submitted by the end of Week 11 (to allow you work to consider other modules and in particular your projects in week 12). However, as this is a rather large requirement in one report, we require each group in either Week 8 or Week 9 to present in 10 minutes what are their initial ideas and their current progress. This oral presentation will receive verbal feedback immediately and written feedback later in the week to allow you to progress with your design including using this feedback. Hence Coursework 2 is both Summative (gives you marks) and Formative (helps you develop your ideas). 

Liz Tanner and Raza Shah