Book a recording booth either at the e-learning studio or the mobile version

Module established for colleagues partcipating in accreditation for CMALT.

This is a module area in QMplus where staff can make an appointment to meet up with a learning technologist from the E-Learning Unit. 

Examples of things that you might use a book a learning technologist meeting for are:

  • If you have a teaching idea that you would like to develop further and you would like to discuss how to go about doing it
  • If you would like to develop an existing activity (face-to-face or online) but aren't exactly sure what might work best
  • If you would like to overhaul how you are using a particular technology
  • You are developing a new module and want to embed e-learning from the beginning of your curriculum design cycle
  • or you'd like an expert to review your use of technology with you with a view to making practical suggestions for enhancements