This is the Generic Module Template to be used for all new HSS modules

Basic grammatical structures are revised and reinforced within the French I grammar section and more advanced grammatical points are covered within the French II grammar section.

This course is available to second year, year abroad and final year students so that they can work on their French grammar independently.

The French Dept. has developed a Glossary listing, reviewing and ranking more than 40 mobile apps and online resources for French language learning.

I encourage you to browse the Glossary using the Search tool if you're looking for a resource or app you've heard of or the Category tool to check what is available to help you with your vocabulary or listening (there are many more categories in the Glossary).

Once you've used a particular app or resource, please post a comment to let other students know what YOU thought of it both in terms of its user-friendliness, structure, content and usefulness. Then give the resource or app a mark out of 5 (5 being the best mark you can give).

You can also use the Comment box to suggest apps or online resources that are not yet featured in the Glossary but that you find help with your French langage a lot and that you often use.