Quantum Computation and Communication (QCC | INU7022U)

Description: Background [3]: The qubit and its physical realization; Single qubit operations and measurements; The Deutsch algorithm; Quantum no-cloning.

Quantum Cryptography [3]: The BB84 quantum key distribution
protocol; elementary discussion of security; physical implementations of kilometers.

Quantum Entanglement [8]: State space of two qubits; Entangled states; Bell's inequality; Entanglement based cryptography; Quantum Dense Coding; Quantum Teleportation; Entanglement Swapping; Polarization entangled photons & implementations; von-Neumann entropy; Quantification of pure state entanglement.

Quantum Computation [8]: Tensor product structure of the state space of many qubits; Discussion of the power of quantum computers; The Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm; Quantum simulations; Quantum logic gates and circuits; Universal quantum gates; Quantum Fourier Transform; Phase Estimation; Shor's algorithm; Grover's algorithm.

Decoherence & Quantum Error Correction [4]: Decoherence; Errors in quantum computation & communication; Quantum error correcting codes; Elementary discussion of entanglement concentration & distillation.

Physical Realization of Quantum Computers [4]: Ion trap quantum computers; Solid state implementations (Kane proposal as an example); NMR quantum computer.