Molecular Physics (MolPhy | INU7014U)

Description: - Atomic Physics (2 lectures)
Brief recap of atomic physics: n, l, m, s; He atom, orbital approximation, exchange.

- Molecular electronic structure (8 lectures):
The molecular Hamiltonian and the Born-Oppenheimer approximation.
Electronic structure, ionic and covalent bonding, Bonding in H2+ and H2. Muon catalysed fusion. Dissociation and united atom limits. Long range forces.

- Nuclear motion (6 lectures)
Vibrational structure: harmonic motion and beyond, energy levels and wavefunctions Rotational structure: rigid rotor and energy levels Energy scales within a molecule: ionisation and dissociation. Nuclear spin effects. Labeling schemes for electronic, vibrational and rotational states.

- Molecular spectra (7 lectures):
Microwave, infrared and optical spectra of molecules. Selection rules, Franck-Condon principle. Experimental set-ups. Examples: the CO2 laser, stimulated emission pumping experiment. Raman spectroscopy. Ortho-para states. Absorption spectra of simple diatomics (eg O2 and NO, N2). Simple poly-atomics (ozone, water).

- Molecular processes (7 lectures):
Collisions with electrons. Elastic and inelastic collisions. Dissociation, dissociative attachment and dissociative recombination. Resonances and negative ions. Experimental techniques. Theoretical models (briefly).