Atom and Photon Physics (APP | INU7003U)

Description: Interaction of Light with atoms (single photon) (4 lectures)
1 Processes: excitation, ionization, auto-ionization
2 A and B coefficients (semi classical treatment)
3 Oscillator strengths and f-sum rule
4 Life times: experimental methods. (TOF and pulsed electron)
5 Review of selection rules
6. Photo-ionization: synchrotron radiation

L.A.S.E.R (3 lectures)
1 Line shapes g(ν); Pressure, Doppler, Natural
2 Absorption and Amplification of radiation
3 Population inversion; spontaneous and stimulated emission
4 YAG and Argon ion lasers
5 Tunable radiation: dye and solid
6 Mode structure

Chaotic Light and Coherence (2 lectures)
1 Line broadening
2. Intensity fluctuations of chaotic light
3 First order correlation functions 4. Hanbury Brown Twiss experiment

Laser Spectroscopy (3 lectures)
1 Optical pumping: orientation and alignment
2 Saturation absorption spectroscopy
3 Lamb shift of H(1S) and H(2S)
4 Doppler-Free spectroscopy

Multi-Photon Processes (3 lectures)
1 Excitation, ionization, ATI
2 Laser field effects: pondermotive potential; Stark shifts; Harmonic Generation
3 Pump and Probe Spectroscopy
4 Multi-photon interactions via virtual and real states
5 Two photon decay of hydrogen
6 Simultaneous electron photon interactions

Light Scattering by Atoms (3 lectures)
1 Classical Theory
2 Thompson and Compton scattering
3 Kramers-Heisenberg Forumlae
4 (Rayleigh and Raman scattering)

Electron Scattering by Atoms (4 Lectures)
1 Elastic, inelastic and super-elastic
2 Potential scattering
3 Scattering amplitude: partial waves
4 Ramsauer-Townsend Effect: Cross Sections
5 Resonance Structure

Coherence and Cavity Effects in Atoms (4 lectures)
1 Quantum beats: beam foil spectroscopy
2 Wave packet evolution in Rydberg states
3 Atomic decay in cavity
4. Single atom

Maser Trapping and Cooling (4 lectures)
1 Laser cooling of atoms
2 Trapping of atoms
3 Bose condensation
4 Physics of cold atoms: Atomic Interferometry

This module is taught by UCL.