Computing and Statistical Data Analysis (CSDA | INR7001U)

Description: This course aims to introduce students to programming techniques using the C++ language on a Unix platform. It will also introduce students to techniques of probability and statistical data analysis and they will study applications of data analysis using C++ based computing tools.

- Introduction to C++ and the Unix operating system.

- Variables, types and expressions.

- Functions and the basics of procedural programming.

- I/O and files.

- Basic control structures: branches and loops.

- Arrays, strings, pointers.

- Basic concepts of object oriented programming.

- Probability: definition and interpretation, random variables, probability density functions, expectation values, transformation of variables, error propagation, examples of probability functions.

- The Monte Carlo method: random number generators, transformation method, acceptance-rejection method.

- Statistical tests: significance and power, choice of critical region, goodness-of-fit.

- Parameter estimation: samples, estimators, bias, method of maximum likelihood, method of least squares, interval estimation, setting limits, unfolding.