Physics at the Nanoscale (PN | INR7012U)

Description: Today an increasing amount of science and technology is concerned with processes at the nano-scale, typified by structures of the order of 10-1000 nanometre in dimension. At this scale, physics is determined by quantum processes. This course provides an introduction to the rapidly growing area of nano-science.

Already, nano-structures are "familiar" to us in the structure of the current generation of computer chips, and the applications of nano-structures are predicted to contribute to the new technologies of this century. The course introduces the physics and technology of nano-structures, discusses their special properties, methods of fabricating them, and some of the methods of analysing them.

Objectives: On successfully completing this course, a student should:

- Appreciate the difference between the physics on the classical (macro-) scale and on the quantum (nano-) scale.

- Understand the properties of nanostructures in "zero", one and two dimensions.

- Understand the fabrication and characterisation of nano-devices.

This module is taught by RHUL.