Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Physics (MMTP | INK7022U)

Description: This course introduces mathematical techniques which are crucial to the formulation and solution of fundamental theories in Physics. It is biased towards the application of mathematics to solve problems, rather than the development of rigorous mathematics. It assumes competence in the use of mathematics covered in previous mathematical courses given in the first and second years. On finishing the course, students should be able to solve physics problems through complex analysis, the calculus of variations, and extend the definition of special functions to the complex plane.

Taught at Kings College London.

This module overlaps with Physical Dynamics and Mathematical Techniques 4. If you have taken Mathematical Techniques 4 you cannot take Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Physics. If you have taken Physical Dynamics you should discuss the potential overlap with the MSci coordinator. Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Physics is not available to students on the MSci Theoretical Physics programme.

This course has its own web page.