Unless otherwise notified the School of Physics allows the use of calculators in examinations. Calculators must conform to any requirements laid down in the Academic Regulations.

Calculators must be of the hand-held type, quiet in operation and compact, and must have their own power supply. The use of prepared programs and stored information is NOT allowed. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that their machines are in working order, and for providing in advance for alternative means of calculating in the event of the calculator failing during the examination. When candidates use electronic calculators at examinations they must state clearly on their examination scripts the name and type of machine used. The unauthorised use of material stored in a pre-programmable memory shall constitute an examination offence.

Students are of course free to use any calculators they like in class or when doing private study or homework assignments. You will probably need a scientific calculator to provide pi, square root, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions but since you will have access to PCs with sophisticated programming and graphical capabilities, a more expensive and more complicated calculator is unnecessary.