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MSci Degree Calculator

MSci Degree Calculator | School of Physics and Astronomy

MSci Degree Calculator

This degree calculator is only for students in the School of Physics and Astronomy as degree calculate weightings differ across different disciplines.

Do not use this calculator if you joined the physics degree programme at the start of the second year with credit transferred from another university. If you joined Queen Mary at the start of the second year of the physics programmes your degree classification will be based solely on the marks achieved at Queen Mary with your second year counting for 1/5 of your final degree classification, your third year counting 2/5 and your final year counting for 2/5.

This calculator allows students to type in the module results that they have received to date and then enter predictive results for their remaining modules so that students can gauge whether they are on track for a particular degree classification. Students can also enter numbers to see what results will be necessary in order to achieve their desired degree classification, i.e. continue to change predictive numbers until the desired degree classification is reached.

To use the calculator enter the results achieved so far in the correct year rows. Any 30 credit modules must be split in two (i.e a mark of 64 in a 30 credit module must be entered as 64 and then 64 again). Similarly, a 45 credit module must be entered three times. All of the boxes must have a number for the calculator to work.

This calculator is only for the MSci. A BSc calculator is also available.

If you have any questions about this calculator please let us know.

This tool, along with support from your academic advisor, is here to help you plan your studies. It is only a guide. It is not a statement of award. Degree classification can only be awarded by the Degree Examinaton Board.

Change the values for dynamic calculations.

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Year 2:    Year 2 Average:

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Year 4:    Year 4 Average:

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