4th Year Community Locomotor Unit - Central Teaching

 4th Year Community Locomotor Unit -  Central Teaching

The Central Locomotor teaching consists of four innovative days (run 6 times each academic year) and each day is dedicated to a different clinical specialty; ENT, Health Care of the Elderly, Musculoskeletal and Dermatology. The days are a combination of interactive lectures in the mornings and simulated patient surgeries in the afternoons (except for Monday afternoon, which is ENT clinical skills). GP tutors facilitate and teach a small group of students working through cases for the afternoon simulated surgery sessions and working through clinical skills for the afternoon ENT session.  

Central Locomotor teaching offers students and tutors an opportunity to work with experienced simulated patients  and introduces students to patient consultations in the context of the Community Locomotor Unit. There is a focus on directly observed consultation and developing clinical reasoning and management plans.

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