You Said, We Did

You Said: It would be really useful if we could alert the school of any absences online rather than via email.

We Did: Our online absence reporting form is now live on our website alongside a new detailed attendance policy.

You Said:  I find some of the maths we are expected to know for intercollegiate modules is quite complicated and that this gap needs to be bridged.

We Did: There is a new maths module that is currently in development to capture any topics that need further explanation.

You Said: The four hour block of lectures can be overwhelming and leave us feeling drained.    

We Did: Wherever possible we have changed this block so that you have more of a break between lectures.

You Said: Some markers do not give nearly enough feedback on coursework’s leaving us unable to see where we went wrong.                

We Did: Formal training for all markers has been implemented so standards are now very high and you should expect a great improvement.

You Said:  On some courses the excel element is quite a struggle, we would appreciate some help with this.

We Did: We implemented excel training sessions for any students that felt it would be of use to them.

You Said: We find PowerPoint heavy lectures very dull and not helpful.

We Did: This complaint was passed on at the teaching committee and wherever possible this was considered and acted upon.

Last modified: Friday, 12 January 2018, 3:13 PM