QM Physics Mobile App

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The School's new iPhone app QM Physics is now available in the Apple app store. We are also working on an android version and this will be released soon.

A description of the features of the app follows. The development of the app was directed by the Head of School Prof Bill Spence and the Learning Technologist Predrag Micakovic and realised with the programming skills of Tom Stevenson (QMUL, Physics and Astronomy), Richard Flanagan (QMUL, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science) and Mateusz Bieniek (KCL, Computer Science).


This app contains information for current or prospective physics undergraduates at Queen Mary, University of London; this includes material of potential use to physics undergraduates generally, covering lists of essential equations, physical constants and a latex guide. Also included are practical tools for daily business needs in the School.

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Support for physics undergraduates (not requiring internet access):

- List of over 80 standard equations commonly used in physics, including essential mathematical formulae
- List of the values of over 40 basic physical constants 
- Introduction to TeX and LaTex with short basic guides to documents, equations, tables, figures plus lists of many symbols and their representations

Support for Physics and Astronomy students at Queen Mary (some features require internet access):

- About Us section covering History, Student's Union, Images, Teaching, Research, Admissions, Physics Society
- Links to lecture timetables, to all module pages and their contents including lecture notes, homework's, etc.
- Links to information about members of the School.
- Absence reporting and internal student feedback
- Information about Dates, Maps, Student Support
- Information about the Neighbourhood - Health Services, Post Offices, Eating Out, Open Spaces, Shopping and Stuff To Do

Plus information about the app and feedback

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