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Final report deadline: 4pm today! 0 Philip Bull
Reminder: Final report due in 1 week 0 Philip Bull
Reminder: Second report-writing session today at 2pm 0 Philip Bull
Reminder: Report-writing session at 2pm today 0 Philip Bull
Final lab report instructions; report-writing Q&A sessions on Friday and Monday 0 Philip Bull
How your PLab grade will be calculated; Final lab report info 0 Philip Bull
Preliminary lab report feedback going out today; please fill out questionnaire 0 Philip Bull
Questionnaire about how strikes have affected PLabs (DUE BY MONDAY) 0 Philip Bull
Labs are closed; do not attend labs tomorrow or Friday 0 Philip Bull
Please contact the school office for advice on labs 0 Philip Bull
More industrial action begins next week; final lab report and other arrangements 0 Philip Bull
Clarification: Lab book hand-in date for Thu/Fri group is Monday after reading week 0 Philip Bull
Lab schedule as normal today and tomorrow 0 Philip Bull
Lab report mark scheme now available 0 Philip Bull
Impact of strikes on PLab; reminder about first lab report hand-in deadline 0 Philip Bull
Extra feedback session today; report deadline moved by 1 week 0 Philip Bull
Reminders: Report writing workshops; Lab report 0 Philip Bull
Lab books to be handed in by Mon/Tue group today at 4pm; Reminder about lab report 0 Philip Bull
Lab book hand-in for Group B; Lab Report 1 due in 2 weeks 0 Philip Bull
Reminder: Intro to PLab test; lab book hand-in deadlines 0 Philip Bull
Reminder: Intro to PLab test *must* be completed before starting lab experiments 0 Philip Bull
Start of lab sessions next week 0 Philip Bull
Accessing QMPlus 0 Philip Bull
Welcome to PLab; intro lectures this week; requests for additional time 0 Philip Bull