Past exam papers

In 2019 and earlier, Introduction to Algebra was examined the traditional way, on paper, and the exam papers are collected here. In 2020 and 2021, the exam was a randomised QMPlus quiz, and in this folder I have put one random variation each for those years.

Past papers may be for earlier versions of the module syllabus, and as such their topic coverage and/or rubric might not match this year's exam.  In particular, the following are not examinable:

  • Extracting roots of complex numbers, i.e. solving zn = a in the complex numbers.
  • Pseudocomplex numbers, hypercomplex numbers, quaternions.
  • Isomorphism.
  • Cosets.
  • Fermat's little theorem.
  • Mathematical induction "for its own sake", like Q1 on the 2017 paper.  You are expected to know mathematical induction; it is used in some of our proofs.  But earlier versions of this module spent a few lectures at the beginning just revising induction, which is no longer done.