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Drama and Education

Level 6 (30 credits)

In what ways might we teach about and through Drama? How and why is learning through Drama so powerful? What are the cultural, ethical and political contexts of Drama education? You will learn about the key thinkers on teaching and learning through Drama, the history of Drama as a school subject and extra-curricular activity, and the current state of play regarding the position of Drama in UK school, youth theatre and university contexts. The module will involve the practical development of pedagogically grounded ideas and activities, and include a school-based or youth theatre research placement.

Preparing for this Module and Approximate Costs

For this module, you will be required to travel multiple times to schools / youth theatres / other venues for observation and research.

Travel costs will vary, but it is not anticipated that they will exceed £50, and in most cases will be less.

Learning Context Practice-based
Semester 2
Provisional Timetable TBC
  1. Group Written Exercise (1500 words), 15%
  2. Group Practical Project (50 minutes), 35%
  3. Portfolio (3500 words), 50%
Mode of reassessment Standard
QMUL Model No

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