Integrated Clinical Studies Tutor Guide (please click)

1. Integrated Clinical Studies Tutor Guide

The year 3 Integrated Clinical Studies curriculum is designed to enable medical students to develop a patient centred approach to their studies. Complementary hospital and community placements provide students with opportunities to practice their clinical skills and learn about important medical and surgical conditions. Students are allocated to three systems based firms in 9 week rotations:

  • Cardiorespiratory and haematology (CR3)
  • Gastrointestinal, surgical and oncology (Met3A)
  • Renal, endocrine, ENT and infection (Met3B)

Overview of Year 3 GP Teaching 2017-8

1. The GP3 module (formerly CR3 and MB3)

Students will attend once weekly teaching during their Met 3B term, but this teaching will incorporate both Met 3B and CR3 themes. This change reflects previous students requests to be placed on longer attachments with the same practice, and also reflects the integrated nature of learning across systems in Primary Care. Please see module handbook for further information.

2. Change in format to MA3 teaching week to previous years.

Students will attend two consecutive days in GP, spend one day with a District Nurse and spend one day undertaking central teaching in the medical school. This change has been made to highlight the increasing role of the MDT in primary care and to ensure all students get parity of experience on GP Placements. Further information will be supplied both by email and on QMPlus website shortly.

The community sessions are intended to integrate and supplement the clinical exposure and teaching received within the hospital setting. Therefore it is not expected that students will have achieved all of the stated year 3 learning objectives (curriculum coverage) within their general practice sessions, rather by summation of their learning experiences throughout the year.

The sessions provide students with an opportunity to practice history taking and clinical examination with patients seen in an environment which enhances the integration of general medicine and surgery. There will also be an opportunity to provide a varied experience of care in the community as students are with the practice for the whole day.

Students will attend placements with logbooks where observed history-taking, examinations and clinical skills can be signed off. In the GP3 block, they will also need to complete 2 Case-Based Discussions (To be emailed separately) with yourselves and these also need to be signed off. Finally in the GP3 logbook there is a new 'continuity' exercise to be completed, where the same patient is followed up on a number of occasions over the weeks of placement.

They will be assessed  by you at the end of a rotation for attendance, attitude and professionalism as well as the communication skills, knowledge and clinical skills they have demonstrated.