How to become a GP Tutor

1. Requirements for new tutors/practices

You do not have to have any formal teaching qualifications in order to teach for us but we do require you to undertake the two day Introduction To Teaching in Primary Care (ITTPC) course within 6 months of starting teaching.  If you do decide to become a GP Tutor you will also have the opportunity to enroll, at no cost, on two  nationally recognised courses which link with HEA (Higher Education Academy) membership:

These courses are suitable for both new and established teachers, and offer workshops in subjects that are relevant and practical.  Tutors may choose from a range of workshops and modules those sessions most applicable to their professional context. 

Once you sign up for teaching, we will provide you with course specific tutor guides as well as offering year specific tutor training sessions throughout the year (see Tutor Training Dates column on the front page). You are expected to attend at least one of these training days annually.

There are a range of ways in which we assure the quality of the teaching and learning facilitated by our GP Tutors.  We aim to support our new practices through a member of the CBME department making a formal visit to discuss becoming an undergraduate teaching practice.  This also forms part of our Quality Assurance  process, click here to download this document. The purpose of this visit is to provide initial contact with CBME, to review your application form, and to identify any actions to be taken to enable you to meet the requirements for a teaching practice.

Previously we have visited accredited practices on a three year rolling programme in order to discuss the practice’s teaching commitments, the training needs of staff, and the practice’s management of the quality of teaching, including peer observation and systems for responding to student feedback.  With the increasing number of practices teaching with us, we are changing the visit schedule in order to ensure the most efficient use of our time and the practice’s time. New practices will be visited at the end of their first year of teaching, and thereafter will be asked to complete an annual self-assessment sheet relating to quality standards.  CBME will hold an annual QA meeting at which information on each practice, from both self-assessment and student feedback, is summarised and a risk assessment exercise is undertaken.  Most practices will only be visited on a five year rolling programme, unless an earlier visit is thought necessary at the QA meeting.