GP Tutor Development

1. CBME Training


Tutor training days offer the opportunity to hear about new developments, bridge educational theory with practice and to share ideas and good practice amongst our community of GP tutors. These tutor days are two-way in that we at CBME are really keen to hear your ideas and perspectives such that we are developing our courses and curriculum in line with current educational thinking as well as our student and GP tutor feedback.



Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus



Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus

2016/17 CBME Annual GP Summer Education Day, Friday 7 July 2017 all day

Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus


2016/17 CBME Annual Business Meeting & GP Tutor Training, Wednesday 22 March 2017 10:30-17:00

Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus

2016/17 Year 1 Medicine in Society Training, 22 September 2016 12:00-16:30

Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus

2016/17 CBME GP Tutor Induction Evening, 14 September 2016 12:30-16:30

Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus

2014/15 CBME Annual GP Summer Education Day, 3 July 2015 09:00-16:30

Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus

Presentation: Can the understanding of medical students’ constructions of professionalism inform the teaching of professionalism? (Dr Siobhan Cooke, Clinical Teaching Fellow)

Presentation: A national prescribing exam. The Prescribing Safety Assessment
PSA (Dr Patricia McGettigan, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology)

Presentation: Using group discussion to enhance evaluation of clinical teaching: A pilot study (Dr Charlotte McKay and Maria Hayfron-Benjamin)

Presentation: Salaried GP Scheme (Dr Aash Bansal)

Peer Review Meeting, 25 March 2015 12:30-16:30

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Annual Business Meeting and GP Tutor Training, 11 March 2015

Charterhouse Square Campus

BUSINESS MEETING (10:00-12:15pm) - Click here to see the draft AGENDA

This meeting is for Practice Managers/Teaching Coordinators and GP Tutors.

GP TUTOR TRAINING: All Years (12:15pm-16.45pm) - Click here to see the draft PROGRAMME

This training is for GP Tutors teaching students across all 5 years of the MBBS course.

For further information contact Kate Scurr 0207 882 2523.

Presentation: Palliative Care – educating the future clinician (Dr Hattie Roebuck, Consultant in Palliative Care)

Presentation: Learning about dementia – a community perspective (Dr Peter Bell, Consultant Psychiatrist, East London NHS Foundation trust)

Presentation: Governance in teaching – what does it mean for students and teachers? Kathryn Livingston, Governance Manager, Institute of Health Sciences Education, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (Queen Mary, University of London)

Year 4 Central Locomotor Tutor Training, 1 October 2014 (PM)

This training consisted of a review of the Year 4 Central Locomotor teaching sessions. New and existing Central Locomotor tutors were welcomed to attend, as well as Community Locomotor tutors. If you require further information please contact Kate Scurr,, 0207 882 2523.

GP Tutor Induction Training, 24 September 2014 (PM)

This training event was for new GP tutors teaching medical students across Years 2 – 5 of the MBBS course and we encouraged all new tutors to attend. The training offered a plenary and workshop session.  If you require further information please contact Kate Scurr,, 0207 882 2523.

Presentations from the day:

Training for Medicine and Society Tutors, 18 September 2014 (PM)

We held a training event for Medicine and Society 1 on the afternoon of 18 September 2014. The afternoon focused on QM+ and the reflective writing that the students submit.  We are aware that some tutors found this difficult last year and we responded to tutor feedback with an upgrade to the QM+ system. We hoped that this will be simpler for everyone involved this year. The session started from 2pm for GP tutors and community tutors. Please contact Rosie Murphy for further information,, 0207 882 2522.


CBME Annual GP Summer Education Day, 4th July 2014

This interactive day for GP Tutors included plenary sessions and year-specific workshops.  We were very pleased to welcome two guest speakers: 

Kate Gregory - Joint Head of Quality, Education and Standards Directorate, GMC

Professor Liz Anderson - Lead for Interprofessional Education, University of Leicester


CBME Tutor Training, 12th March 2014

The tutor training was held on 12th March at Charterhouse Square and included presentations from students in years 1-3.

CBME Annual Business Meeting, 12th March 2014

The business meeting was held on 12th March at Charterhouse Square and included a presentation by one of our practice managers on organising teaching in general practice:

GP Tutor Induction 2013

This course ran for our new(ish) tutors. It was an interactive afternoon underpinned with some educational ideas captured on the following powerpoint and in the handout.


CBME Annual GP Summer Education Day 2013

All years are represented in this interactive day. The event offers the opportunity for GP Tutors to share best practice and to receive feedback from medical students. There are plenary sessions which include updates on the curriculum, our new online learning environment QMPlus and more. There are year-specific workshops and generic educational workshops. We also present our GP Tutor’s Award.

For more information on workshop summaries and learning shared, see our September Newsletter:

For Dr Jonathon Tomlinson’s social media presentation see:

CBME Clinical GP Tutor Training, March, 2013

This training is for GP tutors teaching medical students from years 3-5.

The workshop consists of student input on what works on placement from their perspective and an interactive plenary session around learning resources with the students.

There is also the option of two workshops, selecting from a year 3, 4 or 5 specific workshop.

For more information on workshop summaries and learning shared see:

For student perspectives on learning in years 3, 4 and 5


Annual CBME Business Meeting – 6th February 2013 (Robin Brook Centre, Barts: 12:30 – 16:00)

This annual business meeting, which was open to representatives (GP Tutors, Practice Managers etc) from the Barts and The London GP teaching practices took place on Wednesday 6th February 2013.

The agenda included:

Keynote Address: The role of work place learning in Primary Care, for undergraduates in the reorganised NHS (Dr Viv Cook, Lead for Faculty Development, Centre for Medical Education)

Review of teaching 2011-12, Update for 2012-13 & Planning for 2013-14 

Workshops: “Teaching and General Practice going forward: Challenges and Solutions”


Resources from 2011-2012 GP tutor training

Student year specific feedback: