Coronavirus and the School of English and Drama

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Email from Head of School to All Students -- 23 March 2020

This is a message for all students studying on undergraduate and MA modules in the School of English and Drama,

I very much hope you're all doing as ok as possible.

Many thanks for all your questions, comments and queries in relation to your studies at this very difficult time -- we really appreciate you getting in touch. 

We've just updated our FAQs with some important information about assessment, which we hope you'll find helpful. 

If you haven't yet read the FAQs, or haven't reviewed them recently, please take the time to read them through, especially the section on assessment (we also added some updates on Friday). 

Given the concerns raised about assessment, we've revised our Late Work policy for the remainder of this academic year. From the FAQs:

"In light of the coronavirus pandemic (as well as the effects of the recent industrial action), the School of English and Drama will not apply Late Work Penalties to any assignment submitted within two weeks (14 days, or 336 hours) of the deadline. You therefore do not need to submit a Late Work Report application for any written assignment submitted less than two weeks late. 


This 14-day “grace-period” applies to all assignments due in Semester 2 and during the Semester 2 Exam Period. In other words, all assignments with deadlines that fall between 16 February 2020 and 31 May 2020, and MA dissertations (due in August), can be submitted up to two weeks late, without penalty. It does not apply to the formal alternative examination arrangements for ESH101 Shakespeare and ESH110 Literatures in Time (details to follow from the convenors shortly), which are subject to different assessment regulations." 

There is more detail on the FAQs, including answers to questions including (but definitely not limited to):

  • I need to submit my work after the deadline. Do I need to submit a Late Work application? 
  • I didn’t know about this change in policy and I’ve already submitted my assignment. Can I update it without penalty?  
  • What do I do if I need to submit my work more than 14 days (or 336 hours) late? 
  • I have outstanding assignments from Semester 1 for which I had ECs accepted in January 2020. Do I also get a “grace period”? 
  • I’m a student resitting out of attendance, or have a resit assignment from last year. Do I also get a “grace period”?
  • What if I miss an assignment submission altogether? [note: EC deadline will be updated to 1 June, 12:00 noon, from tomorrow on the FAQs]
  • How will my assignments be marked fairly given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and industrial action?
  • I'm a first year student. I've heard the 10% weighting of the first year will be removed when my degree is classified in my Final Year. Is this true?

Please be in touch if you have further questions and comments. 

Take care,