Institutional Tools for Research Publications

2. Queen Mary Publications List - PubLists

PubLists ( is a publications database which collects and provides data about scholarly publications by Queen Mary researchers.  The database provides a single interface for research staff to input information about their scholarly publishing, upload full content into the repository, and maintain up-to-date publications lists on the Research Publications website.  PubLists also provides research managers and administrators data about the scholarly output of individuals, groups, and Schools.

Every QM researcher, who is a member of staff, should have a profile in PubLists.  Student researchers, who are not members of staff, do not have profiles in PubLists.  When you publish a paper, PubLists crawls citation databases and grabs the bibliographic data of the paper, then files it under your profile in the system.  From there, you can upload your paper to the institutional repository, QMRO, to make it Open Access after setting a licence and embargo period (if applicable).

If you are a staff researcher, log in below using your IMAP login to check your profile and to see whether your publications are listed under your profile if you have any published work.  You also have the option of manually adding your publications to the system if they are not there.